Friday, October 15, 2010

The Leper Messiah

The following is an essay by Fred Klett.
Remember that DaniEl has HIV/Aids, HepC and more.
More on the prophecies concerning a disease bearing Messiah in my next post.
The Curious Idea of the "Leper Messiah"

When one studies rabbinic ideas of the Messiah one comes upon a very curious idea: Messiah is a Leper! Where does this idea come from? We'll tell you below, but first consider some of the rabbinic references.

Babylonian Talmud:

"The Messiah --what is his name?...The Rabbis say, The Leper Scholar, as it is said, `surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him a leper, smitten of God and afflicted...'" (Sanhedrin 98b)

The Talmud also "records" a supposed discourse between the great Rabbi Joshua ben Levi and the prophet Elijah. The rabbi asks "When will the Messiah come?" And "By what sign may I recognize him?" Elijah tells the rabbi to go to the gate of the city where he will find the Messiah sitting among the poor lepers. The Messiah, says the prophet, sits bandaging his leprous sores one at a time, unlike the rest of the sufferers, who bandage them all at once. Why? Because he might be needed at any time and would not want to be delayed. Elijah says he will come "Today, if you will listen to his voice." (Sanhedrin 98a)

There is also a strange story about the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Hasidic movement. One day the rabbi was riding with a young student. He stopped his wagon at the hut of an old leper, horribly affected by the disease. The rabbi climbed down and spent a great deal of time with the poor man. When he returned to the wagon and recommenced his journey, the puzzled student asked the rabbi who it was that the rabbi had visited with. The rabbi replied that in every generation there is a Messiah who will reveal himself if the generation is worthy. The leper he had been meeting with was that Messiah, but the generation was not worthy, so the Messiah would depart. (Quoted in The Messiah Texts, by Raphael Patai, page 31.)

Where did this "Leper Messiah" idea come from? This odd concept must have arisen from the rabbis as they struggled with Isaiah 53. They either saw the Messiah's sufferings as leprosy or split the Messiah in two, one a sufferer and one a conqueror. (See the section on the "Two-Messiahs" theory.) The Hebrew words in Isaiah 53:4, stricken (nagua) and smitten (mukkay) are interpreted as referring to a leprous condition. Either word can refer to being stricken with a disease, yet they need not be understood in that way, much like our English work "stricken" can refer to stricken with disease or just simply stricken, as with a fist. Either way, Jesus was stricken. He was certainly made sick by the Roman floggings and beatings and the tortuous ordeal of crucifixion. He was certainly stricken with the Roman lash. As a leper was despised and rejected of men, so also was the Messiah despised and rejected. And still today there are many who see Jesus as being as repugnant as leprosy and his followers as those who should be isolated and shunned.

To the followers of the Suffering One, his afflictions, described in Isaiah 53, are the agonies of one dying to provide atonement. The lamb being led to slaughter envisioned by Isaiah is described as one punished in the place of his people. Jesus, the true Messiah, came as the "Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." His crucifixion provided a substitutionary sacrifice adequate to fulfill the punishment we all deserve. Let us praise the God of Israel, our Redeemer, who has provided his Messiah to take the just punishment for his people so that we might be forgiven our sins!

(c) 1997 Fred Klett
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  1. I think your post on the Leper Messiah has made things a bit more clear. I had thought (hoped) you and Dani' El could be the same person, but now I fear something much worse.

    Do you accept the Two-Messiah theory? Because you claim Dani' El is the Leper Messiah, but you are also a Messiah, are you not, Joshua?

    How and when did Dani' El get HIV/AIDS? Was it intentional by either of you? Did you influence him to get infected?

    What care is he receiving now? Is he getting medical treatment? Does he have insurance?

    I care about Dani' El. It grieves me that I did not speak with him earlier. What did he go through after his prophecy failed? What did you say to him? Did you tell him about the Leper Messiah?

  2. DaniEl was taught all these things about Himself by God alone when His eyes were opened in 95. I learned them at the same time.

    DaniEl and Yeshua are one in the same person.
    DaniEl is merely His new name and title.

    My real name is Josh Davidson and I don't even live in Calif. I won't say where, as I've witnessed the problems DaniEl has had with stalkers etc.

    No, this is not to teach a 2 Messiah theory, but to teach about some translation problems in the KJV concerning Isa 53 (and more) concerning a disease bearing Messiah.

    Much more on this later, esp concerning the prophecies of the Psalms.
    (DaniEl approves, or even dictates most of these posts, which is why you may sense His style of writing.)

    No. DaniEl did not intentionally infect Himself. He has been infected since the late 80's, long before He was aware of who He was.
    He has gone decades with virtually no immune system, but never got sick.
    God miraculously preserved Him to fulfill all things.

    Yes DaniEl has a Doctor and insurance.

    The prophecy has not "failed".
    DaniEl has mixed emotions about this, craving justice, but seeking mercy, we wait.


  3. I have obviously been confused since I discovered this blog. I had hoped to finally reach Dani' El, but instead I have reached someone using Dani' El's Blogger account but calling himself Josh Davidson (Yeshua ben David).

    And I am told that Josh Davidson (Yeshua ben David) is not the Messiah, DaniEl is the Messiah Yeshua.

    Dani' El prophesied the destruction of San Francisco would take place on September 28, 2009. Josh Davidson claims the prophecy has not failed, but merely postponed by DaniEl who is God.

    It doesn't work that way. Dani' El was absolutely certain the judgment would take place on September 28, 2009. If I recall, he was also going to be transported to Israel (by flying chariot?) and instantly learn Hebrew.

    San Francisco still remains, and if Dani' El had the power to destroy that city, he would have.

    Instead Josh Davidson claims DaniEl summoned hurricane Katrina and dried up the Amazon River. So the events Dani' El predicts do not come true, and events he never predicted are claimed to be from him.

    DaniEl is a false prophet and a false messiah.

    Open your eyes to the truth.

  4. I know Dani' El has long been suffering, and there is nothing I can do to help him. He has to trust in the Lord on his own. I cannot trust in the Lord for him.

    He needs to stop listening to the demons around him. It is so obvious that they torment him, but he cannot see the lies they tell.

    The demons tell Dani' El that he is God. The demons lie. That is why Dani' El was wrong about the judgment of San Francisco.

    Dani' El needs the Savior. Dani' El is not the Savior.

    God has been trying to reach Dani' El, but the demons have a strong hold on him, and Dani' El likes what they tell him. God needs Dani' El to be a fisher of men and save the lost, but Dani' El is lost as he works for the Devil instead.

    I pray Dani' El opens his eyes to the humbling truth of September 28, 2009. Once he realizes that, He can finally trust the true Christ and have everlasting life in heaven.

    I pray that I see him there where we will suffer no more.

  5. Sebastion,
    If you read DaniEl's blog, you would know that Satan and his children have done all in their power to kill DaniEl over 50 years. God alone preserved Him.
    Satan hates DaniEl and has spent much time and planning to try and stop Him.
    Your argument fails there and goes no further.

    I've helped DaniEl get a new computer and He will be back online in the next few weeks.

    You've said repeatedly that you care for DaniEl, yet you've done absolutely nothing, not one thing to help Him, even when He was homeless, in prison, sick in the hospital, etc.
    Your claims to care for Him fall flat.

    I can see that you have been reading His blog by your comments, yet even when DaniEl was reaching out, not one word of support came from you.

    Let's make a deal-
    1. If DaniEl descends to the mount of Olives (the same way He left it nearly 2000 yrs ago) on the day of SF's judgment.
    2. If He leads the armies of Israel in victory over IsraEl's enemies.
    3. If the the 2 witnesses testify to the fact that DaniEl is the Messiah, anointing Him.
    4. If DaniEl builds the 3rd Temple.
    5..If DaniEl trains the 144,000 Jewish virgins and sends them forth to evangelize.
    6. If He ascends to heaven mid trib to take the book and opens the seals.

    Will you confess that He is the King of kings and Lord of lords?

    I pray that you are alive to do it when the time comes. I also pray that you will give your real name as I suspect that we already know who you are.

    I have much to say, but I think it best if DaniEl says it, so from now on I will limit my responses to your accusations.

    Shalom in King DaniEl

  6. Josh,
    You are right. I have done nothing to help DaniEl. My words of caring are feelings without actions and have been of no use to him.

    There is no need for us to make a deal. What I confess will not change the truth. But yes, if the six events you have described happen, then DaniEl would be truly the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    In my previous comment, I said all that I have waited a year to say. I have no other message to deliver. Unfortunately, you have made it clear that my words cannot help DaniEl.

    We will be praying for one another. May God open our eyes to the truth of 9/28.

  7. If those things happen I'll kiss your ass.