Monday, September 13, 2010

the Suffering Servant

From Nirvana's "heart shaped box video".

Who is that figure on the sickbed/cross? Later He climbs up to His place on the cross wearing a Santa Claus hat. Just who is being mocked by Nirvana?

DaniEl has Aids, Hep-C, Genital warts, Diabetes and more.

The lyrics from Fugazi's "23 beats off".
A name
I recognize that name
It was at the center of some ticker tape parade
The lead story
A fine example
A name, a name, a name I recognize that name
Itwas at the center of some magnifying glass
the lead story
a fine example
He used to pretened He was fighting some war somewhere
a name, a name
Now everything depends on fighting some war
He never thought he'd be an exclamation point
a demonstration of his disease
a punctuation mark
Still, it's just a sound.

Then there is the rock opera "Tommy" by the Who, about a deaf, dumb and blind pinball Messiah, rejected by his fans after becoming "aware". While blind Tommy is abused by family and friends, given drugs etc.

Isa 42:19 Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD'S servant?
Isa 42:20 Seeing many things, but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not.
Isa 42:21 The LORD is well pleased for his righteousness' sake; he will magnify the law, and make it honourable.

DaniEl was born, the first of the dead to be reborn, 3000 years after King David on June 4, 1960. DaniEl was born spiritually blind, deaf and dumb until Aug 2005 when His eyes and ears were opened and He became "aware".

Isa 50:5 The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back.

Please google Long Valley Caldera. CA (wiki)
Note the ash cloud near the bottom of the page. It's a triangle from SF to SD to LV.


  1. It is the anniversary of your false prophecy. How have you been?

    Could you describe what you experienced on September 28, 2009? What did you think and feel in the days after your failed prophecy? What have you been doing the past year?

    I have worried about you. After reading your blog post, I am still worried about you.

  2. Seriously, how are you doing? I am concerned.

    Do you really have AIDS, hepatitis C, diabetes, and more? I am so sorry.

    I only brought up the Judgment of San Francisco because I have had those questions for a year, and I was finally able to ask them. I really hope you learned something. But judging by your post, you seem to be still suffering from the same delusion.

    What do you mean by "the Scapegoat"?

  3. Sebastion,
    Sorry, but I've had little time to work on this blog.

    My name is Josh Davidson and I am acting as a scribe for DaniEl until He can get back online soon. Possibly next month.

    I'll have more to relay to you soon as well.

    Be careful. There are many false "DaniEls" out there posting. They are skilled at imitating His style so be careful.
    When DaniEl starts blogging again, He will be able to assure you that it is indeed the real DaniEl.

    Yes, DaniEl has Aids etc, all fulfillment of prophecy. More on this soon.

    How do you know DaniEl?


  4. Hi Josh,

    I remember DaniEl when he prophesied the destruction of San Francisco and Los Angeles by fire.

    I had hoped that after that didn't come true, he would stop this madness and seek psychological help from a qualified professional. Or at the very least stop prophesying.

    I am really concerned about him.

    How do you know DaniEl? And how long have you known him?

  5. Shalom Sebastian.
    Where did you first hear of DaniEl's prophecy?

    I have been corresponding with DaniEl since early 2006 after He first contacted me round Feb 06.

    Oh! How I wish I had more time!
    Both DaniEl and I are under constant attact and it becomes difficult, but soon, next month, I will have more time at least.

    DaniEl has had a very rough time this last year but things are beginning to settle down.
    I only know the general area where He is but He is fine and doing well, all things considered. No need to worry. God has Him well protected in the palm of His hand.
    I don't live in Calif but DaniEl and I are in regular contact.

    DaniEl should be blogging again by 2011, God willing. The Man's stamina amazes me!!

    Once I get into the the prophecy of "the Leper
    Messiah and the scapegoat" you will understand better.


  6. Oh, the judgment of SF and LA are merely postponed (long story) but please google "Long Valley Caldera in CA, Wiki"

  7. I first read DaniEl's prophecy on Ray Comfort's blog. Then I read DaniEl's blog.

    I have never run across any false "DaniEls." I am confused as to why you have his Blogger account though.

    I am interested in why the judgment was postponed. Too bad it is a long story. Perhaps you can explain the final line of his last post.

    המלך דניאל
    אריה יהודה הקפטן של מארח של גן עדן

    King Daniel
    Lion of Judah captain of the hosts of heaven

  8. Sebastion,
    Are you a believer?

    Are you familiar with-
    Luke 3:6
    And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

    What do you think this verse means?
    Is it fulfilled in our day?

    Yes, those titles belong to DaniEl.
    2000 years ago He was named
    Yehoshua (or Yeshua) which means Yahweh is Saviour.
    Now, in the 2nd advent, His name means "God is Judge" as DaniEl is sent by the Father in judgment.

    DaniEl summoned hurricane Katrina and all the storms of that record year, while in jail.
    At His rebuke, DaniEl dried up the Amazon river.
    These are testimonies from the Father that DaniEl is sent in judgment of the world.


  10. Isa 50:2
    Wherefore, when I came, [was there] no man? when I called, [was there] none to answer? Is my hand shortened at all, that it cannot redeem? or have I no power to deliver? behold, at my rebuke I dry up the sea, I make the rivers a wilderness: their fish stinketh, because [there is] no water, and dieth for thirst.

  11. Joshua (son of David),

    I have my suspicions that you and DaniEl are one and the same, but it does not matter. You suffer from the same delusion. It pains me greatly that I cannot help you.

    Pleas for you to seek psychological help will only be ignored. You do not have enough humility to seek help from imperfect humans and their flawed scientific knowledge. Only help from a perfect God will satisfy you.

    So I pray that you seek spiritual help. There is a true man of God that is helping bring people to the true Christ. (Not to you, but to the true Yeshua.) His name is Ray Comfort. He speaks biblically, and he knows the Lord. He can help.

    Once you know the Lord, He can use you to do His work. No longer will the Devil use you.

    The one you call DaniEl is a false prophet. There is no other possibility. So stop spreading false prophecies, and trust in the true Savior. Stop pretending to be Christ and follow the true Christ.

    My prayers are all I have to offer. I pray you open your eyes to the truth.

  12. I know Ray and several members of his staff.

    Mark, Ray's personal assistant, testified to witnessing DaniEl do all that I have said of Him.

    I have no doubt you are keeping secrets from me as to what you yourself have witnessed, but all you need to do is stay tuned.
    When Calif is destroyed, and DaniEl descends to the mount of olives on that same day, I'm sure you'll reconsider.
    DaniEl will go on to fulfill all that is written of Him in the bible, including defeating Israel's enemies in the Gog/Magog war, and most importantly, the building of the 3rd temple.

    Then, if you are still alive, we can talk.
    The false DaniEls out there have ceased since DaniEl stopped blogging, so He may be back on this blog sooner than expected.

    Shalom in King DaniEl


  13. Dan stop by wearesmrt sometime I know theres a few people who miss you there.